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Why Hire Us


We fOCUS Strategy

Our mission is to give companies clarity within the process of developing go-to market strategies; especially clarity around the people they serve and the best way to communicate to them. 

We focus on aligning all your tactics under a strategic umbrella so that all of your marketing activities make sense, are integrated and enhance the full marketing plan.

We Help Small Business & New Business

We especially want to help businesses that cannot afford or don’t currently see a need for a full-time experienced Marketing Director/Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

With our service you can subscribe to the best package for you and use as you need. Or, you can contract with us for a special project for a limited time. We can customize a project plan an working relationship that works for you and your business. 

Seek Clarity

We aim to fully understand your business and marketing needs. 

We don’t create strategies unless they fully support your business and are useful to your revenue and customer growth.

Get to the heart of it

We don’t recommend tactics  just to see if they’ll work. Trial and error just wastes a lot of time and money. By really getting to know your business and customer, our team can really get to the heart of your needs and the best way to communicate what you offer to your customer for a deeper connection and increased success.

Respect the 4 c's

We work to respect your customer, the culture of your business, the culture of your customer and you as a client. We understand the symbiotic nature of these elements and work to incorporate each in the strategies we create.

Honor Commitments

Saving time, money and effort is our business. So, we work to honor our commitments, delivering what we promised on time and within budget. 


Our Values

Our values instruct everything we do. This is how we are able to provide best in class strategies that actually work for you and your business. .

Are you ready to see real results?

Let us show you how we work.