Marketing Research
& Analytics

  • Marketing Research
  • Digital Data Analysis 
  • Custom-Designed Quantitative Studies 
  • Customer Personas
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Online Surveys & Polls
  • Focus Groups (Online and In-person)
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Secondary &Competitive Research

Real Insights = Stronger Strategy

Discover More About Who Your Customers Are & "wHY" they Choose YOU

(and why they may be purchasing products and services like yours from other brands)

Digital Analytics

Custom-Designed Consumer insight Research

We handle it all from creation to execution. We will even help you develop the strategy. That is the extent of our services. We are able to create custom-designed proprietary research including quantitative studies, that statistically represent the population you wish to target. 

Advanced Digital marketing Analytics

Our digital analytics team understands how to acquire and apply the data you need to create effective strategy and make real decisions. 

We pull data from various touchpoints to solve business problems and impact strategic direction. Whether its a single data point or new model that you need, our analysts can offer you accurate data for strategy and direction.

Customer Personas & Customer Journey Maps

Consumer Persona
Customer Journey Map

Meet Jane. She’s a 32 year old single mom of two. She loves running and has interests in clean eating, affordable fashion and anything that keeps her kids learning and busy after school ends. 

Do you have a granular understanding of your customer? Have you created a persona outlining your target with the kind of details that help your organization acquire her as a customer and cultivate her loyalty?

Encompass Clarity, Inc. uses available and custom data sources to grab the insights needed to flesh out Customer Personas and provide detailed Customer Journey Maps to give companies data to pinpoint customer touchpoints and what drives customers from one point to the next. 

Ethnographic & Qualitative Research

Going deep with a question or topic sometimes requires a face-to-face interaction to underestand ques, codes and language that impact how you get to the heart of consumer desires and needs. 

We design both online and in-person focus groups, one-on-one interviews and ethnographic research. Whether the need requires understanding personal ideas, segment related needs or cultural norms and usage information, we can design a qualitative project that answers your questions. 

Focus Group

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