Digital Analytics & Market Research

Informed digital campaigns start with the right insights.

Do you have data gaps or simply need help pulling rich insights from the data you have?

The right strategy starts with customer insight.  The right insights give you a full picture of who your customer is and what drives them to buy from you.

At Encompass Clarity, we fuse offline consumer behavior data with online analytics.  We use data to inform rich campaigns that work. 

In addition to robust online data analysis we conduct consumer research in-house including in-depth quantitative and qualitative research designed & analyzed by experts. 

Aside from quantitative and qualitative marketing research, we also conduct secondary research when necessary.  This includes a review and presentation of existing research.  This research either comes from our shelves or is derived from other sources. 

Call now and we can tell you what you can do right now to TRANSFORM your marketing direction. 

We Help With

Digital Analytics Fusion

We analyze data from your online campaigns and website to pull rich insights then fuse them with offline consumer behavior data to form a full and accurate picture of your consumer target. 

Qualitative Marketing Research

We use online polls, online research panels, focus groups (offline and online) and ethnography. These tools direct marketing activity and additional research that lead to real business improvements. 

Quantitative Marketing Research

Market research surveys are used for a full understanding of consumer behavior around a product or service.

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