Need help developing your Google Ads strategy?

Advertising on Google is both art and science. To get the highest return on your google advertising strategy, you need a management service that can design effective ads with creativity, data and insights. 

With our Google ad management services, we can help you create the strategy you need to articulate your goals. We can also help with the tactical elements and creative. Then we execute and follow up with strong metrics and analysis.

Create your next paid search or display campaign with us. Or, enlist the help of our google ads experts to help with strategy development or any other component of your project. 

We Help With

Keyword Search

The foundation for any online advertising is your keyword list. Our google ads experts are skilled at the ability to research and deliver the keywords that are necessary for you to realize success with your paid ads in search and social media.

PPC, Paid Search & Display Ads

Our google ad management services can create any type of Google ad you need. We can also help guide you to making the right choice about what kind of ad you create based on your business need. Encompass will manage all aspects from end development, to execution and analytics.


A proper analytics plan is necessary for success in any google advertising strategy. Yes, it’s important to understand the click and bid metrics. But, there are other metrics you want to evaluate. Those may include metrics assigned to tactics that support your overall goals and KPIs. 

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