Develop a usable Customer Journey Map that you can use to Market to Your customers.

The customer experience throughout the customer buying journey is more important than ever. You want to know the experience a customer has with you. And, you want to match that with the experience the customer expects from you. Encompass can help guide you through the process of defining the customer buying journey for your product/service.  As a result, we give you actionable insights that allow you to meet customer needs at every stage and touchpoint.

Insights gleaned include:

An understanding of “when” a customer begins the journey

How they progress through the various stages of the journey

Expected necessary touchpoint compared with actual touchpoints

Experience with buying touchpoints against expected experience

Needs for each stage of the buying process compared with how the business lives up to expectations at every stage

Post-buy behavior

The next step is to use the insights to outline a marketing strategy. The goal is to addresse each stage of the decision-making journey. In addition to the tactical elements, metrics can be added to measure success at each stage. 

We Help With

Journey Mapping

Learn more about the process and steps your customers use to reach a buying decision. Find out how you can exceed their expectations at each stage. Read about the kinds of research we conduct.

Customer Journey Marketing Strategy

Create a relevant marketing strategy that addresses each step in the decision journey.

Tactical Steps & Implementation

Use insights from the mapping process to create meaningful tactics. Execute with an even higher probability of success. 

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