The Atom is a symbol of clarity.
With it we are able to differentiate one thing from another

What We Believe

At Encompass Clarity, we believe that insight comes from understanding. And, understanding comes from embracing the things that make our knowledge of ourselves, our company and the brands you entrust us with more well rounded. We care about diversity of opinion, experience and background. And, we apply that way of thinking to all of our projects. Consequently, in our world there is no such thing as cookie cutter. There is no such thing as a standard approach. There is no belief that there is only one road that leads to a solution.


Encompass Clarity Atom

Who We Are

We are a digital marketing agency, serving the Detroit Metro Area and beyond, that enables our clients to have more successful encounters with consumers.

Businesses We Serve

Our services are offered to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses.  We also serve many industries and business types  including food related businesses, restaurants, retail, personal services, business services and non profits.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give companies clarity within the process of developing go to market strategies. We do this by implementing our getClear process with every project.

Our Values

No client is ever serviced without us adhering to 4 basic pillars. They are:

1) Seek clarity, 

2) Get to the heart of the matter, 

3) Respect the 4 C’s (customers, clients, co workers, and cultures), and 

4) Honor our commitments in time and service.

Encompass Associates Are

Professional & certified

Each of our strategists are trained & certified. They have certifications and training with Google Ads, Facebook Blueprint and either graduate level or advanced training in digital marketing.


We have 30+ years of combined experience in Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing and Consumer Insights. We have worked in fashion, automotive, retail and various other industries.

Results driven

Clients see more than a 20% increase in sales and a full realization of business goals.

Contact Info
Encompass Clarity, Inc.
17344 West 12 Mile Road
Suite 202
Southfield, MI 48076

Phone: 1-800-914-7998